It’s time the taboo was busted. HA HA HA HA, the Female Condom.

The dream catcher. The mosquito net. The rubber Jenny. These are all well used, and well known nicknames for the “femi-dom”, or the ‘Female Condom.

Mosquito net

There is much stigma surrounding the female condom. Its is, for some reason, seen as some kind of a joke, as the less ‘cool’, more hilarious sibling of the male Condom- like a rubber Stephen Baldwin if you will. But, these myths need to be dispelled. During my personal use (three times with two different girls), i have never had a single bad experience with the Female Condom. As it is inserted prior to the sexual act itself, there is no awkward moment where the male has to put a condom on, which can kill the heat of the moment and lead to the uttering of the second most feared phrase “i dont really feel like it anymore”. Or, speaking from personal experience here, if a male has to turn on a light to fetch a condom from a drawer, it can even lead to the single most feared phrase “your not really as attractive in the light. Im going home now.”

Furthermore, if your boat is floated by the use of lubricatnts (hey, I’m not judging), even oil based ones can be used as a femi-dom is not made of latex and so will not perish, leading to pregnancy, unlike the condom.

No, thank you.

As for particular brands, i do have my favourites of course. The ‘Pasante’ is naturally the pack leader, “now softer and more sensual”- a hefty claim, but one i can back up. I have personally experienced a 50% increase in sensation and a 75% (!) increase in softness, as compared to a normal Durex male condom- even ‘featherlite’.

So, i can whole heartedly reccomend the Female Condom- especially Pasante. Fellas: Once you use these im sure will not go back to male condoms. Ladies: you’ll enjoy them too (as speculated based on feedback personally received).


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